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The Joys of Tech-less Mornings with Jessica Hann of Avocado Green Mattress

by The Culinistas

Unplugging isn’t just for nighttime anymore. In fact, Avocado Green Mattress VP of Brand Marketing Jessica Hann swears by it. And she knows good mornings: Avocado Green Mattress — one of only three mattress brands in the world to achieve MADE SAFE® certification — is dedicated to producing healthy, non-toxic organic mattresses so that you can rest assured knowing your mattress is as comfy as it is conscientious. We sat down with Jessica to talk about device-free mornings (yes, even alarms!), having Dave Chapelle brain envy, and her secret to conquering 2020. 

Culinistas: What ritual do you have that helps you get or stay focused in under five minutes?

Jessica Hann: Starting my day with quiet, undisturbed, tech-free time always sets my day off on the right foot. 

C: What helps you calm an anxious mind?

JH: Deep breaths and taking the focus off myself.

C: Recipe for the perfect night’s sleep?

JH: A cool bedroom, freshly cleaned sheets, no alarm to wake up to. 

C: What is your ideal focused environment?

JH: Natural light in a quiet, cozy spot. 

C: Three people whose brains you envy?

JH: Brene Brown, Dave Chapelle, Naval Ravikant.

C: What is your first memory?

JH: I have hazy memories of early family beach vacations. 

C: What have you forgotten that you’ve been trying to remember?

JH: How to exist without my phone. 

C: What’s on tap for 2020?

JH: Gratitude and empathy.

C: Please select six items from our Feed Your Brain menu and tell us why.

“I think delicata squash might be the most underrated squash out there,” says Hann. We couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to our winter antipasti. For Hann, “salmon is the ultimate brain food,” and one she tries to eat a few times a week. In addition to choosing dishes that just plain sound delicious, Hann abides by the motto: “Pretty and colorful food just tastes better.” While the tahini-roasted cauliflower has all of Hann’s favorite things in one side dish, the pudding is another menu standout: “Chia seeds are another healthy all-star for me.”

Winter Antipasti (with delicata squash, celery root, red bell pepper, radicchio, walnut, red wine vinegar)

Poached Salmon with Raisin Scallion Sauce (with wild salmon, scallion, raisin, lemon, urfa)

Purples & Greens (with red cabbage, swiss chard, scallion, spinach, lemon)

Banana Health Bread (with banana, flax seed, sunflower seed, rolled oat, coconut sugar, apple cider vinegar)

Chia Seed Pudding (with chia seed, almond milk, dried apricot, dried cherry, agave nectar

 Tahini Roasted Cauliflower (with cauliflower, sesame seed, golden raisin, chive, thyme, lemon)

A special thanks to Avocado Green Mattress for the beautiful photograph.