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A Washington-D.C. Welcome to the ‘Hood

ICYMI, we’ve hit the road and expanded to D.C.! We’ve got great chefs ready to cook for all your weekly service and family dinner occasion needs

When we aren’t cooking, we’re exploring. Our nation’s capital has incredible neighborhoods, each with its own personality and flavor, which is why we’ve paired our favorite ‘hoods with our favorite Culinista dishes — the only neighborhood guide you need!

Book your D.C. Culinista now, then share this with your Capitol Hill crew & let us know if we got it right!

Capitol Hill: Steak Tartare

Old school fancy row houses and khaki-clad families pushing strollers after a day spent working on The Hill fill the streets. We’re filling plates in this neighborhood with our all-business steak tartare. 

Chevy Chase: Roast Chicken With Fall Vegetables

Classic, storied homes and manicured yards deserve a dish equally as classic: a roast chicken with fall vegetables.

Alexandria: Shrimp Cocktail with Aioli

Streets lined with local specialty shops selling comfort food meets small-town vibe has us dreaming of shrimp that get dipped in our addictive aioli. Martini glass serving style not optional. 

DuPont Circle: Lamb Meatballs with Herb Sauce

A young and diverse crowd meeting up and spending after hours at Hotel DuPont or tucking into some of the city’s best international cuisine will appreciate our lamb meatballs with herb sauce. 

Bethesda: Waldorf Salad 

The tony cousin to Chevy Chase, this fancy upscale suburb requires a dish equal parts fancy and delicious. A Waldorf salad will never let you down. 

Georgetown: Steak with Onion Date Sauce

Preppy, but make it fun. This area is home to some of D.C.’s most choice real estate, which is why we’re pairing it with a choice cut of meat and tangy onion date sauce.

Foxhall: Black Pepper Pork Chop

You had a starter home in Georgetown and now you’ve moved onto bigger and better things in Foxhall. Our pork chop is not for the faint of heart and will fill out your new dining table nicely. 

Palisades: Whole Roasted Fish 

Not far from our friends in Foxhall, an older Palisades is home to those who work hard and play hard, even if by “play” we mean running 20 miles a day. That’s why we recommend fueling up with a whole roasted fish. 

Logan Circle: Buckwheat Pancakes with Pear Cardamom Syrup

This young, cool crowd defies labels but embraces brunch, especially a plate of buckwheat pancakes with pear cardamom syrups. Who wants a mimosa? 

Kalorama Heights: Stone Crab Claws with Caviar 

You’re a fancy dinner-hosting dignitary, so don’t hold back. Go all out with stone crab claws with caviar — a diplomatic dinner no matter your politics. 

Mt. Pleasant/Columbia Heights: Braised Kale Stracciatella

This hipster ‘hood is giving us Echo Park vibes and we’re here for it. Roll up your tweed jacket sleeves and dive into our braised kale stracciatella. 

Adams Morgan: Ricotta Flatbread

Don’t be fooled by the flood of upscale condos: There’s a party scene to be had here which means one thing: Good pizza is a non-negotiable. We prefer ours with ricotta; you bring the bubbles & we’ll share. 

Potomac: Crab Cakes

McMansions meet Maryland meets Microsoft. After a weekend on the boat there’s only one thing left to do: whip up some crab cakes and crack open a cold one. 

McLean: BBQ Chicken with a Secret Ingredient (Hint: It’s dates!)

Save the secrets for Langley. We’ll happily divulge what makes this under-the-radar BBQ chicken so downright good: a helping of dates. 

Spring Valley: Spinach Artichoke Dip

Professors and grad students abound, but no matter which side of the classroom you’re on, everyone will agree this spinach and artichoke dip is A+.