Culinista Kitchen®

Looking Back, Going Forward

by The Culinistas

Here at The Culinistas, we’re generally not ones to dwell on the past. Taking stock of what we’ve accomplished during an especially challenging year seems apropos though. Despite all that 2020 has thrown at us, continuing to serve our clients and grow our business has been a bright spot and source of inspiration that we look forward to carrying into the New Year. 

Here are just a few of our favorite Culinista milestones that remind us 2020 wasn’t all bad. 

Launching a new market: Washington, D.C…

It seemed like every day there was a new headline about moving to new cities this year, and we couldn’t resist jumping on the bus. Our newest market, Washington D.C., officially launched in the fall. We’ve got a *truly* all-star lineup of chefs ready to cook for your family or next event

… And turning a seasonal market (The Hamptons) into a year-round affair.

Flexibility was the name of the game this year, which is why we extended our summer Hamptons services into 365 day availability. Need a chef for your next trip out east? We’ve got you covered

Jumping into the e-commerce space with our online market

From French made candles to the only olive oil you’ll ever need, we launched our curated online shop to bring you and your kitchen the best of the best.

Publishing our own zine: Parchment Paper Vol. 1 and Parchment Paper Vol. 2

There’s so much more that goes on around here than cooking (although, there’s a lot of that, too). Like launching our very own zine, Parchment Paper, which you can download free in our online shop. 

Getting love from the press, including GOOP

The word is out. From Forbes to the Robb Report to Vogue, The Culinistas got a lot of love from some of our favorite publications. But maybe most exciting of all was a shout-out from GOOP. Pinch us!

Watching co-founder Tiana Tenet’s son, Mason, eat his first solid food

It was all thanks to our Pears and Currants dish, of course — what else did you expect?!