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How To Use Chef Tweezers At Home

by The Culinistas

“Tweezer food” gets a bad rap but the truth is chef tweezers are one of the handiest tools to have in the kitchen. Even if you aren’t working with delicate microgreens, there are times when using your fingers or tongs are a cruel game of Goldilocks.

Chef tweezers are typically 8-10 inches in length and come in a variety of shapes. They are a great substitute for tongs, which some may find too big or clunky to hold and work with comfortably. Look for a tool that’s sturdy enough to pick up an ingredient but light enough to feel like an extension of your hand.

These are a few of our (and our Culinistas’) favorite ways to use chef tweezers at home.

Twirling Pasta

Ever see gorgeous bowls of noodles on Instagram and wondered how to replicate the twirl? Grab a chunk of spaghetti noodles (or whatever noodle format you’re cooking) with your chef tweezers and twirl against the bottom of the pan you’re working in. You’ll be ready to plate picture-perfect pasta in no time. Bonus: Use your tweezers to top the dish with a few fresh basil leaves.

Retrieving Martini Olives

Friends don’t let friends struggle to get martini olives out of the jar. Tweeze from jar to glass without patting dry if you like your ‘tini a little dirty. 

Removing Pin Bones

Chef tweezers are handy for removing pin bones from fish. As you run your hand along a filet, follow behind with tweezers in the other to delicately remove the bones without tearing up the flesh. 

Decorating Pastry

One of our favorite ways to use chef tweezers is to decorate a pastry project. Whether you are working with soft fruits or edible flowers, chef tweezers are key to decorating without bruising or damaging your garnish. Think petals on pavlova and a cluster of fresh currants on a crostata. 

Searing Tofu

Tofu is a great ingredient to cook with but its soft texture needs to be handled with care. Instead of using a spatula or tongs to try and flip tofu during the searing process, a pair of chef tweezers will easily hold the tofu without damaging it. 

Extracting Herbs

Recipes often call for herbs that need to be extracted at some point during the cooking process. Or, when making something like an herb oil, the herbs get removed after it’s crisped up in oil. Chef tweezers are a great option when you’re trying to avoid messy fingers or working with hot ingredients. 

Where to Buy Chef Tweezers

Oui Chef offers every type of chef tweezer under the sun. We’re partial to the High Precision Straight Chef’s Tweezers ($27).

Chef Angela Queja recommends JB Prince 10” straight tip tweezers ($18) as her go-to. “Much easier to handle than tongs, especially because I have smaller hands. I have a couple of pairs that I’ve had since culinary school that are still going strong!” says Queja.