Thanks Giving with Author Gina Hamadey

by The Culinistas

Not to get all mushy but June 8 is National BFF Day, and we’re celebrating in style with writer and editor Gina Hamadey, author of the new book “I Want to Thank You.”

Hamadey’s book is all about her journey to pen “365 thank you notes to strangers, neighbors, family and friends, and shows readers how developing an active gratitude practice can make you a happier person, heal complicated relationships and reconnect you with the people you love, all with a little bit of bravery at the mailbox.” It’s the perfect way to say thank you to the BFF in your life — or yourself, for that matter.

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Now, let’s get to know Gina and find out what having a BFF means to her.

The Culinistas: What does having a BFF mean to you?

Gina Hamadey: She’s the person I can tell anything and everything to — no judgment or shame. I can leave her a 15-minute video that’s sort of rambling and boring but I know she’ll watch it and have something interesting to say back.

TC: Pop quiz: How does your BFF take their coffee?

GH: Frequently.

TC: What’s one dish or food that always reminds you of your BFF?

GH: Cheese. And savory oatmeal.

TC: What’s your go-to BFF karaoke song?

GH: Oh man, now I need one! 

TC: What’s one thing you and your BFF have always talked about doing together, but haven’t made the leap?

GH: Weekend trip. Just us.

TC: If you could say thank you to your BFF in ANY way — budget and real-life logistics aside — how would you do it?

GH: Arrange with her husband and surprise her with an overnight trip to a spa.

We asked Gina to select a few of her favorite Culinista dishes that have perfect pairs that she’d love to share with her BFF and tell us why:

Muhammara & Carrots (Muhammara Dip with Pita & Carrots)

A red pepper dip with walnuts and pita to thicken and pomegranate to sweeten
This is exactly up my alley and how I love to eat. Reminds me of my trip to Morocco.”

Mac & Cheddar (Cauliflower Mac n Cheddar)

Macaroni baked with a cauliflower-laced cheese sauce
My BFF’s love language is cheese, so this one’s for her.”

Brown Butter & Pecans (Brown Butter Pecan Blondies)

Sweet, nutty blondies made with coconut sugar
Gotta have something sweet!”

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