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The Culinistas Does Thanksgiving Sides

by The Culinistas

A holiday centered around friends, family and food? It’s our time to shine. This year, we are extra thankful for our clients who trust our chefs with the most important culinary holiday of the year: Thanksgiving — especially since many are making up for a lost 2020.

What keeps our clients trusting us with their turkey and all the fixins’ year after year is our attention to detail. And by detail we mean sides. 

The key to an event packed with not-your-average side dishes is putting a fresh twist on classics. A major family gathering is not the time to surprise the crowd with a tofurkey; it is the time to be using fresh herbs, fresh veg, and loads of spices to your advantage. This not only means dishes packed with flavor, it also means dishes that will fill you up while still leaving room for dessert(s).

Find the perfect balance of familiar and fresh with our fave Thanksgiving sides below. You’ll even be able to keep your pants buttoned afterward.

Delicata Kale Salad

Roasted Squash and Kale with maple vinaigrette

kale, delicata squash, hazelnut, marjoram, maple syrup, lemon, cumin

Couscous & Apples

Sunchokes and apples star in this room temp pasta dish

pearled couscous, apple, sunchoke, almond, rosemary, apple cider vinegar, sumac

Kale Parsnip Casserole

A comforting bake with a creamy vegan parsnip sauce

farro, parsnip, kale, hazelnut, thyme, lemon

Sourdough Stuffing

A classic sausage stuffing with apples and sage

sourdough, sausage, apple, sage, pecan, celery, allspice, cumin

Cranberry Sauce

A chunky, fragrant, sophisticated classic

cranberry, apple, orange, honey, sumac, allspice, solstice blend

Want to take these modern sides for a spin at your Thanksgiving? Send us an email at and we’ll send you the recipe.