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3 Ways To End Your Year on a Healthy High Note

by The Culinistas

If you’re asking yourself, “How is it already time for a new year?”, you are overwhelmed. STOP! As we relax & reset over the next few days, we encourage you to do the same. Food is the backbone that connects us all during the holidays, but don’t stress over the cookie swaps, the porchetta planning, and oyster shucking. That is not the point, friends!

Wrap up those work emails & personal to-dos (or just wait to call AT&T till Jan 4th. It’s fine, they can wait) and dedicate some time to your health and wellbeing. Yes, eat the oysters & the porchetta & the cookies but also, slow it down a bit. Read on for three tangible things you need to do.

1. Get enough sleep.

This is a foundational time to reset our bodies and minds. A healthy circadian schedule is the key to unlocking all other wellness goals, whether it be effective exercise, sticking to a nutritious diet, or balancing your mindset. 

To ensure max snooze time, you’ll need a healthy hit of magnesium, serotonin, and melatonin, which can all be derived from the foods you eat. You’ve probably heard of serotonin; it’s the happy hormone, and melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle. These two work in tandem to promote a restful night, while magnesium serves the nervous system, helping to create a feeling of calmness in the mind.

Munch on these foods to help you get your daily dose of minerals and hormones while scoring your max zzzs:

– Seeds, like pumpkin seeds & chia seeds

– Nuts, like almonds & cashews

– Avocados

– Spinach

– Turkey

– Lamb

– Halibut

– Oats

– Bananas

– White rice

If cooking is your form of restful meditation, try out a few of these good eats we’ve developed with good sleep in mind. Email us at & we will send you the recipes.

– California Dip

– Red Cabbage & Quinoa Bowl

– Chocolate Pudding

– Overnight Oats

2. Keep your immune system up.

Winter is the peak season for citrus, and citrus evokes stronger immune health. Nature is beautiful like that. A healthy immune system is going to help keep you Omicron-free, flu-free, freewheelin’, and from blowin’’ away in the wind. Use this as your excuse to add lemon to everything, including your fish, your veggies, your H20, and even your vanilla ice cream. Oh yes, very delicious!

Incorporate these immune-boosting ingredients into your meal prep:

– Citrus fruits, like grapefruit, oranges, lemons & limes

– Leafy greens, like spinach and kale

– Colorful vegetables, like broccoli, red peppers

– Powerful plants, like garlic, ginger & turmeric

Or, give some of our citrus recipe picks a try (email us for the recipes! We are real!):

– SoCal Citrus Salad

– Olives & Oranges

– Mediterranean Squid

– Bok Choy & Grapefruit

3. Stay hydrated.

Last stop on our self health tour: The hydration station! A properly hydrated body can lead to many health benefits, helping to regulate body temperature, improve joint health, prevent infections, and provide your organs with needed nutrients. If we’re making this a roundtrip roundup, it even improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood. Also, it helps you digest easier! The cookies! The pig! The bivalves!

While drinking enough water can contribute, so can certain foods, including:

– Vegetables, like watercress, cucumbers, lettuce & celery

– Fruits, like strawberries, pineapple, grapes, and kiwi

Pro tip: Grill your cucumbers to make this summer vibe heartier & winter-friendly. If you need a place to start, dive into these cukey dishes (email us to snag the recipe details):

– Cucumber Tabbouleh

– Sea Bass with Cucumbers

And with that, we wish you a happy, healthy, and restful start to your new year. A special thanks to Nadia Agsen for the beautiful photograph. Cheers!