by The Culinistas

Your holiday is kicking off this week & we’ve got the skinny on a smokey and delicate white fish dish that will have you & your guests ready to boogie. Prepped & ready in under 5 minutes, The Culinistas’ Smoked Trout Petals come layered with creamy & tart labneh.

Labneh, or Mediterranean yogurt, is what sets this appetizer apart. It’s strained, so thicker than your average yogurt, helping it adhere nicely to your crispy endives. Pro tip: If prepping ahead of time, put a damp paper towel over the endive leaves to keep them fresh, crunchy, and free of browning.

Fancy a bite? Have a few; they’re classified dancing fuel.

Smoked Trout Petals


– Don’t over flake the trout. Larger pieces are more appealing.

– Put a damp paper towel over the endive leaves to keep them fresh and free of browning.

– Add sumac or urfa for added seasoning

½ cup labneh

1-2 Belgian endives

1 small filet smoked trout, flaked

1 lemon, zested1 bunch chive batons, for garnish

1. Separate endive leaves. 

2. Spoon a generous amount of labneh onto the base half of each endive leaf.

3. Top labneh with flaked trout.

4. Garnish with lemon zest & chive batons.