by The Culinistas

We’re having a pâté party and you are invited. This French delicacy is a gourmet spread that combines a mix of seasoned meats or vegetables, cream, and brandy. Its meaty flavor and creamy consistency make it a delightful topper for a crunchy cracker, which got us thinking: Is pâté the ideal canapé? We think yes.

If you’ve been searching for an A+ appetizer that serves elegance on a plate, a pâté has all the class. Treat your tiny toasts like a pâté painting, decorating them with precision.

Instead of dolloping mustard or dressing on top, create geometric patterns with the condiment to make this pâté pop right off the plate. Use a knife to clean up the sides and create smooth edges that add sophistication. 

And, don’t forget to pâté yourself on the back for upping your spread game. Here are two to put on expo.

Chicken Liver Mousse & Jam

Pullman loaf and jam complement each other to create a sweet component that accentuates the savory flavor of the mousse. Winner winner chicken liver! PRO TIP: Trim the edges of the toast before serving to make this bite extra clean and rid yourself of any lingering crumbles.

6 slices pullman loaf, cut into bite sized squares

1 cup chicken liver mousse

3-4oz raspberry jam

1. Preheat oven to 300ºF.

2. Slice pullman into thin rectangles and roast liberally with EVOO. Toast 5-10 minutes until crispy.

3. Spread mousse onto toast. Cover half the toast with raspberry jam, diagonally to create a triangle.

Mushroom Pâté Cracker

This vegan pâté disguises itself well, upholding the creamy texture of an animal protein while ditching the liver. We use Raincoast Crisps as our trusted base to bring out a little sweetness in this earthy bite. PRO TIP: If you are able to shop at a specialty store, you can find mushroom pâté at Citarella, Zabar’s, and Eataly. For the mustard, check out Dark Horse Fermented.

4 oz mushroom pâté

1 box crackers

2 TB whole grain mustard, divided onto each cracker

1. Spread pâté on crackers.

2. Top pâté with a line of whole grain mustard, diagonally.