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‘Tis The Season For Canapés

by The Culinistas

We’re counting down to Christmas with all of our favorite canapés, going for the title of the ultimate Canapé Queens. Hey, if the shoe fits.

Canapés, which fall into the hors d’oeuvre category, are delicate, bite-sized savory treats that are typically held in the fingers and eaten in one single masterfully crafted bite. The goal here is ease: ease for the maker & ease for the nosher. Built with a solid base, a decadent spread or filling, and a textured topper, regardless of the flavor combos, ours are  guaranteed to be absolutely delicious.

Check out three of our top canapés, complete with pro tips.

Gorgonzola Grapes

This tart & tangy treat is a juicy grape ornament doused in creamy blue cheese (silver) and crunchy toasted walnuts (& gold), making it the perfect aesthetic and bite for your holiday festivities. PRO TIP: Plate using a dollop of the leftover whipped gorgonzola to create a nest for your skewered grapes.

1 lb green grapes, chilled

8 oz gorgonzola dolce, whipped

4 oz walnuts, toasted & crushed

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Toast walnuts, 5 mins. Cool, then crush.
  2. Chill grapes in refrigerator, but bring cheese to room temp to whip to a  soft, creamy consistency.
  3. Skewer grapes then dip into the whipped gorgonzola. Once covered, roll grapes in crushed walnuts before plating.

Buttered Radishes

This French-inspired colorful & crispy snack is one over which co-founder Jill & culinary director DyAnne bonded. They both love the cross section of elegance & play of a tempered butter shell flecked with urfa & big salt (energy). PRO TIP: If you buy larger radishes, slice them to make crunchy chips.

1 bunch radishes, scrubbed, stems on

1 lb butter, unsalted

Coarse salt


  1. Cool radishes in the refrigerator.
  2. Melt & temper butter, 5-7 minutes.
  3. Holding radish stem, dip cooled radish bulb in butter. Place on a baking sheet and sprinkle with coarse salt and urfa. Refrigerate until butter is hardened & ready to serve.

Prosciutto & Melon

The oldest trick in the book but, PRO TIP: Bias cut the melon & skewer diagonally for a formal finish. Wrap fattier parts of prosciutto closer to the melon so fat melts into sweetness as this appie warms up.

1 cantaloupe melon

8 oz prosciutto

  1. Slice a small cantaloupe into bite-sized bias pieces.
  2. Wrap melon in prosciutto & skewer.

Our favorite quality of the canapé? It gives you permission to say so long & farewell to time-consuming techniques, long cook times, and painful prep processes. Instead, lean into quality ingredients that speak for themselves. And during the holidays, we know that more time and less stress are at the top of all of our wish lists.

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