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Everything in Moderation (Including Moderation)

by The Culinistas

This month, ditch perfection and pretentious fad diets and refocus your health & wellness on one keyword: Moderation.

We’re officially adapting Oscar Wilde’s quote, ‘Everything in moderation; including moderation’ as our motto for January, which means we’re encouraging you to treat yourself (& your friends) to a little banana bread from time to time. Deprivation won’t get you far (from the kitchen), and overindulgence won’t help you achieve long-lasting health. Don’t binge, and don’t abstain. Avoiding excess eats and extreme dieting will keep you feeling mentally & physically balanced while allowing you to stay on track all year long (versus just the month of January).

Our commitment to this motto also means we’re calling for more casual dinner parties; more often. Gone are the days of needing an occasion to throw a party or host your peeps. In our eyes, the perfect dinner party recipe simply includes a handful of good friends & a few platters of good eats.

As such, we’re hoping to rewrite the script when it comes to gatherings & dinner parties, giving you reasons to host more friends, safely, all year round while enjoying restaurant quality meals in your own kitchen. Schedule more intimate nights spent at home with your girl gang. Have family over “just because.” Break the damn bread.

If creativity is your roadblock, we’ve got you covered. Here are four solid excuses to host a small scale dinner party at home each week in January.

WEEK 1: Kick-off a healthy new year⁠.

WEEK 2: Create a menu pairing featuring your leftover NYE bottles⁠.

WEEK 3: Serve up an indulgent MLK weekend brunch⁠.

WEEK 4: Celebrate the sun setting later (5:00 PM EST) on 1/27 with cocktail hour being when it should be.

And hey, if you’re too busy focusing on mastering moderation, give us a shout. We can help you plan, prep & host. More information below.

Don’t Forget: Secure Your Chef for Valentine’s Day

When nothing is sure, we can guarantee you a fresh & healthy start in the new year, especially when it comes to at-home gatherings. If you’ve been thinking about hosting a small & safe dinner party for a few of your favorite couples or with your galentines, we encourage you to BOOK NOW.

We’ll do our part to bring the best private chefs to your kitchen, helping you shop, prep, cook, and serve up deliciously nutritious meals without the guesswork. Our chefs take all CDC precautions before entering your home and during your dinner party or meal prep, keeping your kitchen COVID-considerate. Book your chef now.